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License to Learn: Setting Probation Period for New Drivers



License to Learn: Setting Probation Period for New Drivers

In a bid to enhance road safety, the Transport Ministry, in collaboration with PWC India, is exploring the introduction of a probationary driver’s license scheme. The project is aiming to provide closer monitoring of new drivers during a specified period to reduce the risk of accidents on the roads.

Experts are pushing for a more comprehensive approach, advocating for prolonged surveillance and advanced training for motorists.

The ministry is currently working with PWC India to develop the “Graduated Driving License Scheme”, which involves issuing a probationary license to new drivers.

This would enable authorities to better monitor their driving habits and skills before issuing a permanent license.

The initiative is expected to improve road safety by increasing awareness among drivers about traffic rules and regulations.

While some experts welcomed the move, others recommend an extended surveillance system beyond the probationary period. They also advocated for in-depth training for motorcyclists and car drivers.

Barlen Munusami, a road safety expert, explained that close monitoring of new drivers during the probationary period is crucial. “We need a system that can track their driving habits during this period,” he stressed.

He also suggested dividing motorcycle licenses into three distinct categories, which could lead to more rigorous licensing requirements and improved road safety.

Alain Jeannot, President of ‘Prévention Routière Avant Tout’, is convinced that the probationary license will contribute to reducing the number of road fatalities.

“It will hold young and experienced drivers accountable,” he said.

“This initiative will not only educate new drivers but also encourage responsible behavior among all road users.”

The introduction of a probationary driver’s license scheme is expected to bring about a significant reduction in road accidents and fatalities.

Source: Defi Media

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