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CWA Pipes Requiring Urgent Fix: 50% of Our Water Wasted



CWA Pipes Requiring Urgent Fix: 50% of Our Water Wasted

The problem of pipes that are not properly buried or left lying around streets, sidewalks, and residential courtyards is a widespread issue in Mauritius.

The Water Authority (CWA) has been accused of neglecting this crucial aspect, leading to frequent leaks and water waste. As a result, residents are facing severe difficulties.

According to Week-End, the newspaper that has consistently highlighted this issue, the CWA’s sloppy work has resulted in the loss of millions of liters of water.

Between 50% to 52% of water is wasted in the country due to leaks caused by old or damaged pipes. These leaks often go undetected, as they are not visible on the surface.

Residents are frustrated with the situation, with one resident from Morcellement Boucan, Grand-Baie, saying:

“The CWA is not taking proper care of the pipes in our area. They just install them haphazardly on the street and sidewalks. People can’t even walk properly without tripping over them.”

This is not only an eyesore but also poses a risk to people’s safety.

The CWA Act stipulates that pipes in public, private, or residential areas must be buried underground.

However, it appeared that the CWA is not adhering to its own regulations. As a result, vehicles are damaging pipes, and they are also vulnerable to vandalism and theft. Ultimately, it is the residents who suffer the consequences.

The lack of action from the CWA is alarming, and it is imperative that something be done to address this issue urgently.

The CWA must take immediate action to rectify this situation and ensure that pipes are properly installed and maintained to prevent further losses and inconvenience to residents.

It is time for the authorities to take responsibility and acknowledge the severity of this problem.

Source: Le Mauricien

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