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Allegations against MBC DG Ramsurrun for Official Vehicles Misuse



Allegations against MBC DG Ramsurrun for Official Vehicles Misuse
Image source: Defi Media

A senior driver at the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) has written to the Financial Crimes Commission (FCC) alleging that MBC Director General Anooj Ramsurrun has been misusing official vehicles for personal gain.

The whistleblower claimed that Ramsurrun has used a Jaguar worth Rs 2.4 million, purchased by the MBC, for his personal use.

The letter also accused his wife of using a white Kia Picanto, a company-owned vehicle from 2021, for her personal errands, with a MBC driver at her disposal.

Additionally, the letter claimsed that another MBC vehicle, accompanied by a driver, is used by Ramsurrun’s daughter to commute to work and for other personal trips.

In response to these allegations, Ramsurrun denied any wrongdoing, stating that his contract as Director General allows him to use an official vehicle for personal purposes.

“Like my predecessors, I had several options: using my own vehicle with a substantial allowance or an MBC vehicle with a lower allowance. I chose the latter option. I have the right to use this MBC vehicle for my personal travel, including with my family,” he said.

Ramsurrun clarified that the Jaguar actually belongs to the MBC and that he owns a BMW personally.

He expressed relief that the matter has been reported to the FCC and assured that he has never broken the law.

Ramsurrun also stated that he often dispenses with the services of the driver assigned to him.

Source: Defi Media

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