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The Economist Legend Pierre Dinan Passes Away



The Economist Legend Pierre Dinan Passes Away
Image source: Defi Media

Pierre Dinan, prominent economist, passed away on Thursday, June 27, morning at the age of 87. His wife, Monique Dinan, who shared 55 years of life with him, has spoken out about his death.

His wife, Monique Dinan, is also the founder of the Maternal Assistance Movement (MAM).

Together, they had five daughters and 17 grandchildren. According to Monique, Pierre was in good health until his sudden passing.

The couple had attended mass at the Montmartre church that morning, with Pierre driving himself.

After their return, they enjoyed breakfast together. Shortly after, Pierre went to lie down and passed away about half an hour later.

In an interview with, Monique described Pierre’s death as a peaceful one, saying she is grateful that he did not suffer.

“He died a very beautiful death,” she said. “I’m glad he didn’t suffer.”

The funeral will take place on Tuesday, July 2, next week, as three of their five daughters live abroad.

Homage to Pierre Dinan’s remarkable life and legacy. May Pierre Dinan’s memory be a blessing to all who knew him, and may his work continue to inspire future generations of economists.

Source: Defi Media

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