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Police Head Quarters: Anil Kumar Dip’s Luxury Rides Revealed



Police Head Quarters: Anil Kumar Dip's Luxury Rides Revealed

The letter is claiming that Police Commissioner Anil Kumar Dip has misused public funds to purchase two luxury cars for his children, in violation of the Financial Crimes Commission Act 2023.

According to the allegations, Dip used a “Police Indent Form” to fill up his official car’s tank, as well as the tanks of his two allegedly privately-owned vehicles, a Porsche Macan and a BMW X6M.

The Porsche Macan, valued at Rs 6,430,880, is registered under the name of the Mauritius Police Force, not under Dip’s name.

The car is parked at his residence in Rose-Belle and is allegedly used by his daughter to commute daily from Rose-Belle to Quatre-Bornes, where she owns a pharmacy.

The second car, a BMW X6M worth Rs 10,490,000, was allegedly purchased in January 2024 for private use.

However, it is registered under the name of the Mauritius Police Force and is sometimes parked at Dip’s residence in Rose-Belle and sometimes at his son’s residence in Grand-Baie.

The allegations also suggest that Dip used public funds to buy these cars instead of using his allocated monthly fuel allowance for his official car.

The fuel allowance is supposed to be used solely for fuel and maintenance costs of his official vehicle.

The letter claimed that these actions are not only illegal but also a breach of the Financial Crimes Commission Act 2023.

It urged swift action, as the CCTV recordings that could corroborate these allegations will be deleted after 30 days.

The author of the letter has also called for Dip to step aside during the investigation, citing the example of former police officer Raj Dayal, who had to do so during an earlier corruption case.

Since taking office as Police Commissioner, Dip has changed several official cars with chauffeurs, using them for both official and private purposes. His current official vehicle is a Range Rover Velar worth Rs 5,950,000, registered under number 4574.

When asked about this matter, the Police Press Office declined to comment. The Commissioner himself has not responded to repeated requests for comment.

This incident has raised serious questions about the misuse of public funds and the accountability of public officials. As the investigation is unfolding, it remains to be seen whether these allegations will be substantiated and what consequences will follow for those involved.

Source: l’Express

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