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Tripadvisor’s Award: 3 Local Luxe Hotels Soar to New Heights



Tripadvisor's Award: 3 Local Luxe Hotels Soar to New Heights
Image source: Le Mauricien

In a remarkable achievement, The Lux Collective’s boutique hotel, SALT of Palmar, has been awarded top honors at the prestigious Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards Best of the Best Hotels.

This stylish and socially conscious hotel, situated in the heart of Africa, has taken the #1 spot as the Best Luxury Hotel in Africa and #2 as the Best Hotel in Africa.

The hotel’s exceptional service and facilities have far exceeded guest expectations, ensuring unforgettable stays for those who have had the pleasure of experiencing its luxurious atmosphere.

Moreover, TAMASSA, another Lux Collective property, has also been recognized for its outstanding all-inclusive offerings, ranking #2 in Africa and #9 globally.

Guests can indulge in a private beach, three attractive pools, multiple dining options, a spa, fitness center, tennis court, water sports, and bicycle tours, all set amidst a relaxed and authentic atmosphere.

The group’s newest property, LUX* Marijani Zanzibar in Tanzania, which has been open for only 10 months, has also received recognition as the #10 Best Hotel in Africa and #18 Best Luxury Hotel in Africa.

This elegant beachfront hotel features lush gardens, impressive Arabic architecture, and stunning ocean views.

Only 1% of Tripadvisor’s 8 million listings achieve this level of excellence. The three exceptional hotels – SALT of Palmar, TAMASSA, and LUX* Marijani Zanzibar – stand out among the few winning hotels that have elevated themselves to the highest level of excellence.

The prestigious Travelers’ Choice Awards Best of the Best Hotels are exclusively awarded to hotels that receive an extremely high volume of exceptional reviews and feedback from the Tripadvisor community over a 12-month period.

Source: Le Mauricien

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