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Santokhee’s Early Retirement: JLSC Ordering Assistant DPP’s Early Exit



Santokhee's Early Retirement: JLSC Ordering Assistant DPP's Early Exit
Image source: l'Express

The Judicial and Legal Services Commission (JLSC) has made a decision in the case of Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Roshan Santokhee, who was found to have been present on political platforms and participated in food distribution alongside lawmakers from the No. 6 constituency, Grand-Baie-Poudre-d’Or.

According to l’Express sources, the JLSC has ruled that Santokhee should take early retirement in the public interest, effectively requiring him to leave his post in the public service permanently.

This decision came after Santokhee was suspended from his duties following a referral by DPP Rashid Ahmine, who sought appropriate action against him.

While an early retirement may seem like a lenient punishment, it is unclear how quitting his post with likely associated retirement benefits could be considered a decision in the public interest.

In fact, many are questioning how this outcome will be implemented and what the exact modalities of his retirement will be.

It is also worth noting that Santokhee’s name has been mentioned as a potential candidate for the Movement Militant Socialiste in the same constituency, adding a political dimension to this affair.

Critics argued that if Santokhee truly intended to run as a candidate, he should have resigned from his position instead.

However, an early retirement represents a different implication for his professional career.

For context, Santokhee was invited on May 23rd to provide a written explanation to Ahmine regarding his political activities.

After receiving Santokhee’s response, Ahmine referred the matter to the JLSC.

Meanwhile, Santokhee was suspended pending the commission’s review of his case.

It is important to note that the JLSC is the sole authority empowered to take disciplinary action against justice employees in cases of ethical code violations.

Source: l’Express

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