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5G Fears: Acim Sounds Alarm on Health and Safety



5G Fears: Acim Sounds Alarm on Health and Safety

The Mauritius Consumer Association (Acim) is greatly concerned about the introduction of 5G technology by Mauritius Telecom and the new traffic fines.

According to Jayen Chellum, the general secretary, the nationwide introduction of 5G could have negative effects on health, particularly on skin and eyes.

“Studies have shown that there is a negative impact on individuals using high-frequency internet with 5G”, claimed Chellum.

Additionally, he stated that 5G allows for easier tracking of users. “While this technology offers advantages, it also has disadvantages”, he added.

5G Fears: Acim Sounds Alarm on Health and Safety

Chellum regreted that there were no meetings with consumer associations before approving the use of 5G in Mauritius. “You cannot say that consumers were consulted”, he lamented.

Concerning the announcement of free mobile internet for young people aged 18-25, he estimated that parents will ultimately pay for this measure through increased fees offered by operators, citing the recent rise in service fees. “It’s the parents who will pay for this measure”, he said.

The Acim secretary-general also expressed concerns about the new traffic fines.

He is critical of the state of infrastructure, saying that roads are in poor condition.

“The sidewalks are not in good condition, some lighting systems in certain areas do not work, and there is a lack of visibility in certain bends”, he pointed out.

He recommended an audit of roads to determine where accidents occur most frequently.

“For example, in the south of the country, there have been several accidents due to winding roads and a lack of visibility. You cannot blame only drivers and impose exorbitant fines on them”, he said.

Jayen Chellum’s concerns highlighted the need for greater transparency and consultation with consumer associations before introducing new technologies and policies that may have far-reaching consequences for the public.

Source: Defi Media

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