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AirAsia MOVE Expands Global Reach, Air Mauritius Joins the Flock



AirAsia MOVE Expands Global Reach, Air Mauritius Joins the Flock
Image source: Business Today

In a move aimed at expanding its global reach and offering travelers more travel options, AirAsia MOVE, a leading online travel agency, has announced a partnership with Air Mauritius, the national airline of Mauritius. The partnership was formally sealed at a signing ceremony held at AirAsia MOVE’s headquarters in Kuala Lumpur.

The agreement was signed by Yeoh Sai Ho, Head of Flights OTA at AirAsia MOVE, and Heavin Robert Lourdasamy, Manager for Malaysia & Singapore at Air Mauritius.

The partnership will enable travelers to easily book flights to destinations served by Air Mauritius across Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Indian Ocean region through the AirAsia MOVE app.

According to Dabraj Sing, Chief Business Officer of AirAsia MOVE, the partnership is offering numerous benefits to airlines partnering with AirAsia MOVE.

By leveraging the platform’s extensive marketing initiatives, airlines can reach a wider audience without incurring additional costs.

The platform also enabling virtual interlining, allowing travelers to book multiple carriers in one itinerary.

For instance, an Air Mauritius guest can book a flight from Mauritius to Kuala Lumpur and then connect to Chiang Rai on AirAsia in one seamless itinerary.

AirAsia MOVE already partners with over 70 notable airlines, including Citilink, ANA, Bangkok Airways, and Etihad.

The platform is offering access to over 900,000 hotels worldwide, airport transfers, online duty-free shopping, travel insurance, and more.

The partnership is expected to enhance the travel experience for customers of both airlines, providing them with greater flexibility and convenience when booking their trips.

With AirAsia MOVE’s user-friendly app and website, travelers can now easily explore and book flights and holidays across multiple destinations worldwide.

The addition of Air Mauritius to AirAsia MOVE’s portfolio of airline partners is expected to further solidify the company’s position as a leading online travel agency in the region.

Source: Business Today

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