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Speaker’s Squad, 3 Advisors Costing Rs 200, 000+/Month



Speaker's Squad, 3 Advisors Costing Rs 200, 000+/Month

Since his nomination as the Speaker of the National Assembly in November 2019, Sooroojdev Phokeer has been at the center of controversy. His tenure has been marked by a series of expulsions and decisions that have sparked sharp criticism, particularly from the opposition.

Despite this, Phokeer is surrounded by three advisors who are generously compensated to support him and improve his image.

Ram Ranjit Dowlutta, one of Phokeer’s advisors, awarded a monthly salary of Rs 100,750. In his post since October 2016, his contract is renewed annually, demonstrating the continued trust placed in him by the Speaker.

Dowlutta is responsible for advising Phokeer on parliamentary and strategic matters.

Shiam Persand, on the other hand, was hired on a one-year contract since March last year. His role is to provide strategic and communication support to the Speaker.

With a monthly salary of Rs 61,000, he is one of the pillars of Phokeer’s advisory team.

Persand’s appointment, a former producer at the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), ensuring communication and the transmission of parliamentary works.

His responsibilities include supporting the existing technical team, evaluating and improving Parliament TV, and producing clips related to parliamentary activities.

Persand’s recruitment, during this crucial electoral year, is reflecting the government’s desire to revamp its image in the national assembly and regain popular esteem.

Marie Hélène Caroline Allet, who took office in June 2023, is receiving Rs 40,300 per month.

Although her salary is the lowest among the advisors, her role is crucial to the National Assembly.

She is responsible for various administrative and communication aspects, ensuring that parliamentary operations run smoothly without hiccups.

Shiam Persand and Ram Ranjit Dowlutta form a duo tasked with showcasing Phokeer in a more favorable light.

Since his nomination, Phokeer has set records for expelling members of the opposition. His actions, tone, arrogance, and lack of impartiality have made him a contested figure.

Despite sharp criticism, it seems that Phokeer is determined to continue his mandate with the help of his advisors.

Source: l’Express

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