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Premchand Mungar Takes the Helm at MBA



Premchand Mungar Takes the Helm at MBA
Image source: l'Express

At the Mauritius Bankers Association (MBA) annual general meeting on June 17, Premchand Mungar, Chief Executive of SBM Bank (Mauritius) Ltd, was elected as the new president for a one-year term. He succeeds Mark Watkinson, CEO of Bank One Ltd.

Abrar Anwar, Managing Director and CEO of Standard Chartered Bank (Mauritius) Limited, and Brian Ah-Chuen, Executive Director of ABC Banking Corporation Ltd, were also elected as vice-presidents.

In his acceptance speech, the new Chairperson expressed his honor at representing the banks at this critical juncture.

He thanked the members for renewing their confidence in him and pledged to work together to improve the competitiveness and resilience of the banking sector.

“The financial sector is undergoing a constant evolution, and I am honored to represent the banks at this turning point,” he said.

“We will work together to enhance our competitiveness and resilience with innovation and sustainable development at the heart of our priorities.”

With his new role, Premchand Mungar will lead the MBA in navigating the ever-changing landscape of the financial sector. His election comes at a time when the industry is facing numerous challenges, including technological disruption, changing regulatory environments, and increasing competition.

Source: l’Express

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