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Iberojet Launches Direct Flights, Embarking Spanish Tourists to Mauritius



Iberojet Launches Direct Flights, Embarking Spanish Tourists to Mauritius
Image source: l'Express

In a significant development, Europe’s leading tourist market has expanded its presence in Mauritius, with the arrival of Spanish and Portuguese visitors on the island. Iberojet, a Spanish airline, will operate flights to Mauritius once a week, every Tuesday.

Yesterday afternoon, June18, approximately 380 Spanish tourists arrived at SSR Airport on board an Airbus A350 aircraft on the inaugural flight from Madrid. The airline’s representative, Umarfarooq Omarjee, explained that Iberojet is offering flights from Barcelona and Portugal.

He expressed hope that the bi-lateral relations between Mauritius and Spain will develop further, with the aim of increasing the frequency of flights to twice a week in the future.

Iberojet’s Handling Contract Manager, Laura Pico, stated that efforts are being made to promote the Mauritian destination in Spain.

Although the initial plan was to transport around 430 passengers, 380 passengers ultimately made the journey. The airline’s inaugural flight to Plaisance arrived at 1:25 pm on Tuesday, June 18, with a departure at 5:25 pm on the same day.

The development is seen as a significant boost for Mauritius’ tourism industry, which has been actively seeking to diversify its markets.

The arrival of European tourists is expected to inject new life into the sector and provide a welcome injection of revenue for local businesses.

With its unique culture, stunning natural beauty, and warm hospitality, Mauritius is poised to become a popular destination for travelers from Europe and beyond.

Source: l’Express

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