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Emmanuel-Anquetil Building’s Rs 100 Million Demolition Project Frozen



Emmanuel-Anquetil Building's Rs 100 Million Demolition Project Frozen

Budget | Committee of Supply: A significant development has been announced regarding the planned demolition of the Emmanuel-Anquetil building, which had initially been estimated to cost Rs 100 million. The project has been put on hold.

In a related move, the budget for relocating the offices currently housed in the building has also been suspended.

The Emmanuel-Anquetil building, a prominent landmark in the area, has been slated for demolition for some time now.

The plans had aimed to replace the existing structure with a new development, with a budget of Rs 100 million allocated for the project. However, it appears that the project will not move forward as planned.

The reasons behind the decision to halt the project and suspend the relocation budget have not been officially disclosed. However, it is likely that a review of the project’s feasibility and financial implications played a significant role in this decision.

Source: Le Mauricien

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