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Ascencia’s Riche-Terre Mall Revamp: 300,000 Visitors Expected Monthly



Ascencia's Riche-Terre Mall Revamp: 300,000 Visitors Expected Monthly
Image source: Le Mauricien

After months of renovation, the Riche-Terre Mall is set to open its doors to the public this Friday, June 21, boasting a fresh new look and a range of exciting new amenities. The mall, which boasts over 60 stores, restaurants, and services, has undergone a major makeover to improve its accessibility, security, comfort, and overall customer experience.

“We are confident that these renovations will not only enhance the shopping experience for our visitors but also reinforce our commitment to providing sustainable returns to our shareholders,” said Robert Boullé, Asset Manager at Ascencia.

The renovation project has seen the introduction of a new aesthetic design, with bright colors and a modern look and feel.

The common areas have been revamped, featuring new flooring, lighting, and a soon-to-be-installed green roof in the food court. The mall has also been equipped with new furniture to provide optimal comfort for visitors.

Beyond aesthetics, functional improvements have been made to optimize natural light, ventilation, and the installation of new toilets.

These enhancements is aiming to create a more pleasant and practical environment for all visitors. A children’s play area has also been set up.

The food court has been expanded with the addition of new restaurants, including Nando’s and three kiosks – Bento Sushi, Frutti Swirl, and Himalayan Bites. A larger pharmacy and a new Telecom Shop are also set to open soon.

The total investment in the renovation project amounts to Rs 183 million. Boullé emphasized that this renovation was necessary to modernize the center and improve the experience of its visitors.

“By enhancing our center and improving our visitors’ experience, we aim to support the success of our tenants, which enables us to reinforce our position on the market.

This in turn reinforces our confidence in our ability to generate sustainable returns.”

The mall attracted customers primarily from Port-Louis, Riche-Terre, Pamplemousses, Baie-du-Tombeau, Roche Bois, Terre-Rouge, and surrounding industrial areas.

“This accessibility makes us an attractive destination for shopping, leisure activities, and family outings,” said Boullé.

Before the renovation, the Riche-Terre Mall recorded around 280,000 visits per month. With the renovation complete, Ascencia expects an increase in foot traffic to approximately 300,000 visits per month, with a peak of 450,000 during the festive season in December.

“This growth is attributed to the improvements made to visitor experience and the expansion of our commercial offer as well as the upcoming arrival of Carrefour,” Boullé said.

The mall is generating over 650 direct and indirect jobs and contributing significantly to the local economy.

The installation of a solar farm will enable the mall to produce approximately 3 megawatts of electricity per year, reducing its carbon footprint and promoting more sustainable energy use.

In terms of size, Riche-Terre Mall ranks third in Ascencia’s portfolio after Bagatelle Mall and Phoenix Mall. In terms of revenue, it contributed around 11.4% to Ascencia’s overall revenue.

In pursuit of excellence and a better mix of tenants and customer experience, Ascencia remains committed to seeking new brands, renovating its centers, and innovating operational efficiency and reducing its carbon footprint.

“We are committed to maintaining relevance and competitiveness by adapting to market trends and demands,” Boullé noted.

For the upcoming financial year, Ascencia will focus on renovating stores within its centers.

Regarding the hypermarket at the mall, the transition process with Carrefour has begun, marking an important step in the tenant’s efforts to modernize and improve its sales spaces.

This transition started with Carrefour City at Allées in February last year, where renovations included space rearrangements, furniture changes, and infrastructure modernizations accompanied by the introduction of a new offer.

Boullé added that this transition will continue with the planned openings of Carrefour at Phoenix Mall in August and Riche-Terre Mall in November.

These openings represent an opportunity for respective malls to offer a renewed and diversified shopping experience to their customers.

Source: Le Mauricien

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