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Private Vehicle Road Tax Renewal Go Digital from July 31



Private Vehicle Road Tax Renewal Go Digital from July 31

The Minister of Land Transport, Alan Ganoo, announced in Parliament on Tuesday, June 18th, that the renewal of Road Tax for private vehicles will only be done online, starting from July 31st. This was revealed during the budget debates.

The minister highlighted that the process Road Tax renewal is one of the most frequent transactions at the National Land Transport Authority (NLTA).

However, to ensure a smooth transition to online services, the public can still be able to renew Road Tax at post offices until December 1st next year, as clarified by Alan Ganoo.

Furthermore, the minister highlighted that transactions conducted at the NLTA generate Rs 2.8 billion annually for the state.

Additionally, the NLTA’s workforce has been strengthened, with the number of employees increasing from 27 to 69.

The government is taking steps to modernize and digitize its administrative processes, making it more efficient and convenient for citizens to conduct their business with the NLTA.

The introduction of online Road Tax renewal for private vehicles is a significant move towards this goal, and it remains to be seen how it will be implemented and received by the public.

Source: Defi Media

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