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Missing 29-Yr Indian Man Found Safe in Ambre Island



Missing 29-Yr Indian Man Found Safe in Ambre Island

The Indian national was found near a hydroponic farm in Ambre Island on Saturday, June 15, after being reported missing. The young man is in a state of shock and unable to communicate, and his parents are still trying to piece together how he ended up in the location.

The man’s father, a 69-year-old businessman from Mumbai, had alerted the Rivière-du-Rempart police on June 13th after his son failed to return to their hotel in Haute-Rive after a day out.

The family had arrived in Mauritius on June 13th for a week-long vacation and had checked into a hotel in Haute-Rive.

According to his parents, they waited until 10pm for their son to return, but he failed to show up.

They then sought help from the hotel reception, where security footage confirmed that the young man had left the hotel around 7pm.

The police immediately launched an investigation and mobilized several units, including the Groupement d’Intervention de la Police Mauricienne (GIPM), the National Coast Guard (NCG) of Poudre d’Or, the police helicopter, regular police units, and Field Intelligence Officers.

Last weekend, police found a jacket near the river in Haute-Rive that belonged to the missing man. However, further searches yielded no new leads.

It was only on Sunday, 16 June, that police received a report of a foreigner lost on a field in Île d’Ambre.

A team led by an inspector identified the person as the missing businessman’s son. He was found sitting alone in a cane field three kilometers from the main road, seemingly lost and in shock.

Police took him to the Rivière-du-Rempart dispensary, where a doctor examined him and reported that he was in good health but unable to speak.

The young man was then taken to the Rivière-du-Rempart police station where his father was waiting.

Despite efforts by police to question him, the young man seemed lost and unable to respond beyond simple “yes” or “no” answers.

The businessman requested that the questioning be stopped and asked that his son be allowed to recover before further questioning.

The police granted his request and allowed him to leave with his father. An investigation is now underway to determine whether the young man may have been a victim of any malicious act.

Source: Le Mauricien

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