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Lost & Injured: Baby Dolphin in Distress at Beach



Lost & Injured: Baby Dolphin in Distress at Beach

The National Coast Guard (NCG) responded to a distress call on Saturday, June 15, after a baby dolphin was found stranded on the beach in the lagoon. The agency launched a rescue operation to guide the mammal back out to sea, initially assisted by volunteers.

However, the next day, members of the public found the dolphin once again washed up on the shore.

According to the NCG, without the help of its adult counterparts, the baby dolphin was likely disoriented and returned to land. The animal was found with an injury.

The NCG handed over the juvenile dolphin to the department of Fisheries at the Ministry of Marine Resources.

Authorities planned to provide care to the baby dolphin, despite its slim chances of survival.

Meanwhile, the NCG is working with the relevant ministry to investigate the circumstances surrounding its stranding.

In a statement, the NCG emphasized that adult dolphins are essential for guiding their young back to sea.

Without this guidance, young dolphins like this one may become disoriented and return to land.

The agency stressed the importance of public awareness and cooperation in preventing such incidents in the future.

The incident serves as a reminder of the delicate balance between marine life and human activities, highlighting the need for responsible behavior and conservation efforts to protect vulnerable species like this young dolphin.

Source: Le Mauricien

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