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Air Mauritius’ Annual Report Delay: 57-Year Pages to Worry About



Air Mauritius' Annual Report Delay: 57-Year Pages to Worry About

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Air Mauritius is set to take place on July 1st at the Paille-en-Queue Court. The meeting will cover several key topics, but the lack of a prepared annual report for the 2023-24 fiscal year has raised questions about the delay in account preparation.

While companies have up to six months after the end of their financial year to submit their accounts for approval, the consecutive special and general meetings without a report have sparked concerns about the reason behind the delay.

Additionally, the lack of transparency in the consolidated and separate accounts of Airport Holdings Ltd (AHL), despite its existence since 2021 and its link to public funds, is worrying.

Why is it necessary to hold a special AGM in April, followed by another on July 1st for the election of board members, and then another before the end of the year for the approval of the 2023-24 accounts?

Employees are wondering if this strategy is concealing something. Furthermore, since its creation in 2021, no AHL account has been published, leaving a veil of opacity over the use of company resources.

Celebrating 57 Years

The celebration of Air Mauritius’ 57th anniversary on Thursday sparked mixed reactions within the company.

While operations are facing major challenges due to recurring equipment failures and employees work in a climate of uncertainty and frustration, the Chief Executive Officer’s approach to marking this milestone has shocked many.

In an internal memo, he encouraged employees to celebrate their pride in being part of the Air Mauritius family by wearing their Air Mauritius polo shirts and participating in organized gatherings at airports, Ébène, and Port-Louis around a birthday cake.

This initiative is perceived as a cheap publicity stunt rather than focusing on real problems and fundamental issues needed to turn around the organization.

Air Mauritius employees, who had welcomed Charles Cartier with hope, are now wondering if they should still swallow new promises.

After just three months at the helm of the company, many former employees say they were abruptly retired while retirees feel disrespected, their pension having been transferred to NIC with a significantly reduced annual increase.

Source: l’Express

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