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Health Ministry’s Remedy: 15 Foreign Docs to Fill Gaps



Health Ministry's Remedy: 15 Foreign Docs to Fill Gaps

The Ministry of Health and Wellness will be authorized to recruit foreign specialists to work in public hospitals, a move that has raised concerns among medical associations.

According to the 2024-25 budget, the Ministry will be allowed to recruit specialists from abroad to fill the gaps in public healthcare services.

However, this move has been met with skepticism by various medical associations, including the Government Medical and Dental Officers Association (GMDOA) and the Government Medical Consultant in Charge Association (GMCiCA).

They argued that this decision goes against the traditional role of the Ministry, which is responsible for managing the healthcare sector.

Dr. Meethelesh Abeeluck, President of the GMDOA, expressed concerns that the measure could be “grave” and goes against normal procedures.

“This is not the prerogative of the Minister to do the recruitment. It’s an administrative procedure,” he emphasized.

Similarly, Dr. Bhooshun Ramtohul, President of the GMCiCA, questioned the evaluation process for these specialists.

“How can we ensure that these foreign specialists are qualified and competent to provide high-quality healthcare services?” he asked.

The medical associations also expressed concerns about the lack of infrastructure and resources to support the integration of foreign specialists into the public healthcare system.

Dr. Vinesh Sewsurn, President of the Medical and Health Officers Association (MHOA), warned that there may be language barriers and cultural differences that could hinder effective communication between patients and healthcare providers.

Moreover, some experts argued that there are more pressing issues to address in the healthcare sector, such as retaining local medical professionals and improving working conditions.

Dr. Abeeluck pointed out that many local doctors are leaving the public sector to work in private hospitals, citing better working conditions and higher salaries.

The Ministry’s plan to recruit foreign specialists has also been met with skepticism by some experts, who argue that it is not a sustainable solution to address the shortages in public healthcare services.

Instead, they suggest that measures should be taken to retain local medical professionals and provide them with better working conditions and opportunities for career advancement.

While the Ministry’s plan to recruit foreign specialists may be seen as a quick fix to address shortages in public healthcare services, it is crucial to carefully consider the potential implications and challenges associated with this move.

Source: Defi Media

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