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3 Policemen Hurt in Fight with Fugitive Thief



3 Policemen Hurt in Fight with Fugitive Thief

Three police officers were injured, including one who was admitted to the intensive care unit, in a police operation that unfolded in Résidence La Chaux on Wednesday, June 12.

A team of detectives from the Criminal Investigation Division of Mahébourg had arrived at the location to apprehend a local resident who had been wanted for a string of ten theft cases.

However, upon arrival, the suspect resisted and produced a bladed weapon, attacking a police sergeant before two other officers attempted to subdue him.

One of the officers was bitten by the suspect, while the sergeant, suffering from cardiac issues, was rushed to the intensive care unit at Rose-Belle’s Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital. The investigation is ongoing.

Source: Defi Media

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