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10 Arpent Mini-Forest With 8,000 Trees in Telfair



10 Arpent Mini-Forest With 8,000 Trees in Telfair
10 Arpent Mini-Forest With 8,000 Trees in Telfair

The Telfair region, in Moka, will soon have a mini-forest spanning 10.7 arpents, featuring at least 8,000 endemic and indigenous trees.

This project is part of a government plan to reforest the island and preserve and regenerate ecosystems.

The initiative follows the principle of planting three trees for every one that is cut down and aligns with Smart City’s sustainable development strategy.

Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth launched the project during a ceremony.

The mini-forest in Telfair is the first phase, with plans to expand it into two more stages. It will eventually cover a total area of 23.4 arpents, with the establishment of the Martial Noël Park in Helvétia on a 10-arpent site.

The project aims to provide 33.4 arpents of green spaces for residents and visitors. The initial phase will include 8,000 endemic trees, with 1,000 supplied by the Smart City Moka nursery.

The Road Development Authority will maintain the plot for the first six months before Smart City Moka takes over.

There are plans to include a fitness trail and informational panels on the tree species. By participating in this government initiative, Smart City Moka demonstrates its commitment to environmental protection and sustainable urban development.

Source: Le Mauricien

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