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Over 800,000 Tourists Visit Mauritius



Over 800,000 Tourists Visit Mauritius
Over 800,000 Tourists Visit Mauritius

Since January, over 800,000 tourists have visited Mauritius. In August alone, the island welcomed 98,990 visitors, enjoying an average stay of 11.8 nights, a notable increase from the 86,605 arrivals in August 2022. 

The European market led the influx, accounting for 58,806 travellers, including 22,132 from France, 12,781 from the UK, and 8,081 from Germany.

Additionally, 23,732 guests arrived from Africa, notably 9,595 from Réunion Island and 7,884 from South Africa.

From January to August 2023, a total of 803,288 tourists explored the island, with Europeans comprising the majority.

French and British visitors notably contributed to this, with 193,060 and 88,287 respectively. 

In 2022, Europeans made up 68% of total tourist arrivals, with France accounting for 24%.

Source: L’express

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