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Transparency Mauritius denounces ‘erosion of democracy’, ‘autocratic trend’



Transparency Mauritius denounces 'erosion of democracy', 'autocratic trend'

Transparency Mauritius has denounced the government’s decision to postpone municipal elections, expressing concerns over the erosion of democratic principles within the country.

The organisation highlights the people’s inability to express their voice through the electoral process and asserted that institutions are “tightly controlled and influenced by political nominees”.

In a statement issued on May 25, Transparency Mauritius also argued that the government’s decision to postpone municipal and district council elections is “indicative of a growing autocratic trend” that has been emerging in recent years. 

“With the postponement, the people find themselves deprived of the opportunity to exercise their democratic right to vote. The smooth conduct of elections stands as a central pillar of democracy, and any disruptions to this process raise questions about the integrity of the system.”

Transparency Mauritius also expressed concerns about the stifling of the opposition’s voice during parliamentary sessions, with reports of journalists receiving threats.

“Such actions curtail freedom of expression and impede the healthy functioning of a democratic society.”

It added that the government has reneged on its promise, made on January 27, 2015, to broaden the democratic space and introduce a Freedom of Information Act. 

“The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions represents a last line of defence against the potential politicisation of the police.”

Transparency Mauritius calls upon the government to reassess its position and uphold the principles of democracy and the independence of institutions. It emphasised that the “government is not above the law or the will of the people”.

Source: L’Express

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