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Pest infestations plague 4 schools, raising safety concerns



Pest infestations plague 4 schools, raising safety concerns
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A recent surge in pest infestations has disrupted several schools in Mauritius, causing concerns over the safety of students.

According to reports, bedbugs have been reported in various educational institutions, including Jean Marie Frank Richard State Secondary School, Quatre-Bornes SSS, Notre Dame College, and the Mauritius College, in Curepipe.

Students and teachers have reportedly refused to enter classrooms, fearing bites from the pests. Despite attempts at disinfection, the bedbugs are said to have reappeared, leading to school closures.

According to l’Express, the Ministry of Education has encouraged online learning to minimise disruptions, but has reportedly acknowledged the lack of access for all students. 

Poor conditions in schools, including infrastructure deficiencies, low-quality food, and hygiene issues have been deplored in several reports.

Termites, rats, and pigeons have been mentioned as additional problems. 

The ministry said that only four out of 230 schools are affected.

Source: l’Express

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