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Mauritius issues world’s first ever Security Token Trading License



Mauritius issues world’s first ever Security Token Trading License

The Financial Services Commission (FSC) Mauritius has reportedly granted its first-ever Securities Trading Systems License under the Mauritius Securities Act of 2005 to BEX Mauritius Block Exchange (BEX) to operate a security token trading platform.

BEX Mauritius Block Exchange is heralded as the world’s first regulated operational security token trading platform that provides retail users and corporate issuers from around the world with 24/7 direct access to security token trading without intermediaries.

In a statement published by Business Wire, BEX Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Pascal Niedermann described the Securities Trading Systems License as a game changer for the company and for the participants in the global capital markets.

Mauritius issues world’s first ever Security Token Trading License
BEX Chairman and CEO Pascal Niedermann with FSC CEO Dhanesswurnath Vikas Thakoor. Photo: Business Wire

“Companies in any industry, including technology, finance, and entertainment, will now have new ways to capitalize on their achievements by directly offering their digital shares to anybody interested in buying and selling such digital shares,” he said.

BEX Mauritius Block Exchange provides corporate issuers a way to tokenize traditional securities, make them tradable on BEX as digital securities, and offer them to investors in the international capital markets.

Once listed on BEX, issuers’ digital securities are traded as blockshares directly between sellers and buyers.

The BEX security token trading platform’s beta version is now available at

The launch of the fully state-of-the-art Ethereum-based BEX security token trading platform is scheduled for 2023.

According to the press release, BEX is currently moving its headquarters to the Cyber City, in Mauritius. The appointment of the latest members of the BEX executive team will be announced in January 2023.

Source: Business Wire

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