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It’s official: No case of Monkeypox in Mauritius



It's official: No case of Monkeypox in Mauritius

Even as the world is dealing with COVID pandemic, spike in cases of monkeypox have caused a concern.

In Mauritius, developments on the disease have been watched closely as the samples of three men were reportedly sent for testing for monkeypox to South Africa and Reunion Island.

The Ministry of Health sent the samples after they complained of itching and rashes on their bodies.

According to media reports this Sunday, the Ministry has confirmed that none of the samples confirmed the presence of monkeypox.

Health experts said the tests for monkeypox were carried out just as a “precautionary measure” as two out of three suspected monkeypox patients had travelled in the past month.

Bottomline: There is no confirmation of monkeypox case in Mauritius as per the government. 

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